FREE Download One Year Bible Plan Bookmarks

One of the things that has greatly contributed to my understanding of the Bible has been reading through it chronologically, in the order in which events took place. For years, I have followed this plan. Now, I decided to break it into four sections and put it on easy to follow bookmarks, which I’m making free for download!

You can choose to either tackle the entire Bible in one year, or you can take one of the sections and make that your focus. Part one will take you from Genesis to the conquering times of Joshua. Part two will guide you through the era of the judges and introduce you to era of the kings (plus some of the poetic writings). Part three will continue through the kings and into the prophets. And finally, Part four will lead you through the New Testament.

Each section lasts pretty close to 90 days, so approximately one section per quarter. Just click on the links below, print (front and back), tuck it in the flap of you bible, and mark off the days as you go!

Hope these are helpful. May God add His blessing to the reading of His word!