Spiders in Dreams

Usually when we see spiders in dreams, it’s meant to indicate that there is some sort of activity that is trying to “weave a web” for the purpose of entangling and/or entrapping.

Think of any form of activity or behavior that is manipulative and that seeks to control a person, a situation, or an outcome by using any means necessary to do so. This can involve lying, emotional manipulation, or any other kind of deceptive behavior. But it can even go as far as engaging in dark spiritual activity such as divination, witchcraft, necromancy, or any other occult practices.

Best thing to do if you see spiders in your dreams is to stay alert. Don’t start acting out of suspicion or become obsessed with who or what it is. Instead, pray and ask God to expose it, to help you see it when He does (spider webs can be tricky to see unless you’re looking for them) and of course, to avoid the trap.