Day 10: Water to Wine; Cleansing of the Temple

Text: John 2:1-25
Event(s): Jesus turns water into wine; Jesus cleanses the temple; Jesus discerns hearts 

John 2:2 This event took place very early on in Jesus’ ministry and the Gospel of John is the only one to record it. “On the third day“, is a continuation of the events we just read in Chapter 1. Therefore, the disciples mentioned here were most likely the first five: Andrew, Peter, John, Philip and Nathanael. The 12 were not commissioned until later (though these 5 were later part of the 12)

John 2:11 “and His disciples believed in Him” The disciples were following Jesus, but they had not yet believed in Him until they saw this “sign” as John points out. A “sign” (from the Greek word semēion) means a mark; that by which a person or thing is distinguished from others. It also refers to that which points beyond itself to something greater.

Up until this point, these disciples were following Jesus because John the Baptist had urged them to (Ch 1). A disciple is someone who is a pupil or an adherent of the doctrines of another. They followed Jesus as Rabbi (1:38) but now, they had seen for themselves, and they believed in Him. Therefore, we should recognize that the term disciple and believer cannot always be used interchangeably.

John 2:13 Notice – this key event took place at Passover (see notes from Day 6). This is the first Passover mentioned in Jesus’ adult life/ministry, placing us at the start of a new year, A.D. 27, the first year of Jesus’ 3-year long ministry.

John 2:15 There are 2 different times mentioned in the Gospels where Jesus cleansed the temple. This event mentioned here took place right at the start of Jesus’ ministry and John is the only one who records this first event. This should not be confused with the cleansing of the temple mentioned in Matthew 21; Mark 11 and Luke 19, which are all records of the same other event that took place in Jesus’ final week.

Today’s Takeaway:  As we journey through the Gospels, pay special attention to how people addressed Jesus. Many referred to Him as “Teacher”, or “Rabbi” (showing great respect for His teachings); yet others referred to Him as “Lord” (honoring Him as the Son of God, the Messiah, and declaring their lives submitted to His Lordship). Even in our world today, there are many who acknowledge the fact that Jesus walked the earth and that He was a great Teacher. Some even acknowledge that He was a great Prophet who did great works in the earth. Some highlight the fact that He was obviously gifted and anointed to heal. But there is a great difference between acknowledging all that Jesus did, and acknowledging Him as LORD. What separates us as believers is that we honor Him as God. Notice the last few verses of this chapter refers to people who responded to His miracles, but did not commit themselves to Him as LORD.

Additional (optional) reading: We will get to these passages later in our 80 Day Reading Plan, but if you would like to compare the two instances where Jesus cleansed the temple, read Matthew 21:12-17; Mark 11:15-19 and Luke 19:45-48.