The Color Blue In Dreams

Blue is a very interesting color to dream in. It can be multilayered in it’s interpretation because it can take on so many different shades. As I’ve said before, whenever we see certain colors stand out in dreams, we have to first take a look at the dream big-picture to see what the dream is communicating. Colors then, can add extra detail, “flavor” or meaning to the interpretation of the dream. Let’s look at one of the primary uses of the color blue.

For the most part, blue, in it’s purest, vibrant form, is the color of revelation, and/or the prophetic things of God. It is most commonly associated with the ability to see, hear and perceive things that may be hidden to some people, and may have even been hidden to us at one point, but which God wants to make known to us. Therefore, blue also represents intimacy with God because that is essentially how revelation is received – through spending time with Him, getting to know Him, His ways, and sharing in close communion with Him.

Here’s a dream I recently interpreted in which the color blue was used:

“I dreamt I was wearing a bright red shirt and I was being chased because of it. I was literally being hunted down. I felt like it was very difficult to hide because I stuck out so easily in this bright red shirt. Yet, as I went along running, people in the most odd places – people I didn’t even know – were protecting me and hiding me. At one point, I finally laid down to rest in a car. I laid down in what seemed like the front seat of the car and it had an open top, somewhat like a convertible. Once I laid down, someone came along and gave me a blue sweatshirt to cover my red clothing. I felt like I could finally relax.”

The first color that stands out in this dream is the color red. In a couple of previous posts, I shared about the different uses of red, so I won’t go into much detail of that here. But in the context of this dream, red is being used to represent the color of anointing. God is letting the dreamer know that their anointing – something they’re operating in – makes them a target. The resistance this dreamer is most likely experiencing (in real life), is in attempt to wear them out and stop them from doing what they’re called to do. However, God wants the dreamer to know that He is with them, and actively working to protect them, most likely through angels on assignment (as seen in the unknown “helpers” along the way). I am reminded of Psalm 91:11,

For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go.”

Knowing we are facing resistance can help clear up any doubt in what we’re called to do. It can let us know that we didn’t miss hearing God, we’re not “messing up”, we didn’t take a wrong turn, but instead, we can know that what we are doing has such high value and such significance that “all hell is breaking loose” to try and stop us from moving forward.

When God lets us know we’re facing resistance like this, it’s not so that we can redirect our attention or become more obsessed about the resistance that is coming against us. We must never let what the enemy is doing set the agenda for our lives. It’s good to be aware, but we must remain focused, keep our eyes on God, trust Him to protect us, and keep pressing forward in what we’re called to do.

Continuing on with this dream, God is letting the dreamer know that the key to staying strong and continuing in their call is to stay closely connected to God. “Resting in Him” and operating in their gift while continuing in open communication (the open top car) and unbroken fellowship with the Father is key. It is there, from that place of rest, that God will bestow upon the dreamer more revelation and strategy that will outlast and outrun the resistance they are facing. This revelation will give the dreamer added protection, because God will be able to reveal things that only He knows, to keep the dreamer moving forward.

My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.‘” Psalm 27:8 NLT

So, if I could boil the interpretation of this dream down to one or two sentences, it would be this: Know that your anointing makes you a target, but God is with you, protecting you, every step of the way. Stay in close communion with Him, and He will guide you, revealing the necessary strategies to keep you moving forward.

This makes me think of how we see the Holy Spirit working in the book of Acts. God, speaking to His disciples, giving them hidden revelation and instructing them in their assignments. Telling them where to go and when to go and who they should look for when they got there. God still works this way! Daniel 2:2 says, “He reveals deep and mysterious things…” God wants us to accomplish the purpose for which we were created. He wants us to move forward successfully in what we were made to do. And very often, it is through our dreams at night that He reveals certain things to us that we wouldn’t be able to hear any other way.

So friends, I hope you’re paying attention to your dreams. Value your dream life. Write them down. Start reading through some of the dreams and interpretations we find recorded in the Bible and ask God to give you an understanding heart as to what He is saying. What we focus on, we make room for and what we make room for, we attract.

In my next post, I’ll share more on other shades of blue. Until next time, keep dreaming, because God is always speaking,

Linda G. Riddle