Raleigh Coming Back to Life

When my family and I first moved to the Raleigh, NC area, (three years ago this July) I began asking God to give me prophetic insight as to what He originally had in mind for this area, and what, prophetically, He wanted to do now. I researched the history of the city, pulled out maps, making note of boundary lines, studied the topography, etc. and began looking for anything I could get my hands on that had been spoken prophetically over both Raleigh and over North Carolina. Seeing as it’s the capital, this is the gateway to the state. What happens here permeates.

There are a few words I’ve gotten clarity on and that I have held to and been personally praying and interceding over. This year, however, I finally feel led to release them. I know this series of blog posts will speak specifically to those in my beautiful state, but my hope is that through reading these posts, and how they came about, that God will also give you insight as to how to seek Him prophetically for wherever He has positioned you.  

If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know that God speaks to me quite a bit through my dreams. So it’s no wonder that one of the first prophetic “words” He gave me for Raleigh was through a dream. I had this dream two years ago, this month.

In the dream, I was sitting on a park bench reading a magazine that was actually a newspaper. It was broad daylight, the sun was shining brightly, and the newspaper was in FULL BRILLIANT COLOR. As I was reading, I saw a headline that said, The Amount of Archeological Evidence Was Going to Begin Increasing. I was stunned as I looked closer and saw it said “raising of the dead” and that it was happening in Raleigh.

As I sat on the bench and continued reading this newspaper, there was a lady to the right of me. I was trying to find another article piece I had come across to share with her. It had to do with bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. Lastly, there were two pages numbers that stood out to me in the dream: Page 127 and page 35. With that, I woke up.

Some dreams don’t even require that much interpretation. It’s pretty clear to see that the “headline” I saw in my dream gives a glimpse of what God has in store for this area. Evidences of the resurrection power of God is going to begin increasing. It will include raising of the dead to life. And I don’t dare limit the power of God to say that this speaks to spiritual resurrections only. If Jesus came to model what is possible for us through the power of the Holy Spirit and through operating in His designated authority, and if what we see biblically taking place in the early Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered church is our inheritance, and what should be our “norm” then it’s time we start believing that one of the ways Jesus still “destroys the works of the evil one” (1 John 3:8) today is through restoring life that the enemy has sought to steal before its time.

Raleigh is the seat of our county, “Wake County” that encompasses not just Raleigh, but several other surrounding areas, including the town I live in, Wake Forest. I believe this spiritual aWAKEning is going to start here, but it will progress as it passes through this gateway and into the four corners of our state. As a means of stewarding and coming into agreement with this word, and with what God wants to do, I have been meditating consistently over Ezekiel 37.  Getting it deep down in my heart, believing that as we prophesy TO this area, God will send His wind, and He will raise up an exceedingly great army (vs 10).

Bubbles (the second article in the dream) speaks to community. I shared a prophetic word just last week where I spoke about this some. But I believe this aWAKEning will start in community settings.

Lastly, pages 127 and page 35. I didn’t have the revelation of what this meant until some time later. I was pinning up a map of Wake county on my prayer wall one day and I felt this phrase rise up in my spirit: “If your Spirit doesn’t draw them, then we labor in vain.” And then of course, God led me to Psalm 127:

If God’s grace doesn’t help the builders, they will labor in vain to build a house. If God’s mercy doesn’t protect the city, all the sentries will circle it in vain. Psalm 127:1 TPT

God, draw people’s hearts to You. Because if You don’t draw them, then we labor in vain. This has been one of the primary cries of my heart as I till the ground with prayer.

Once I saw “page 127” in the newspaper was actually a Psalm, I naturally also turned to Psalm 35 to see what God had for me there. Reading through this Psalm afresh and in this context was like God was handing me a new set of armor. A clear reminder that this was all spiritual. Expect resistance, but know that He is with me/us. I’ve read and re-read this Psalm multiple times, in different translations. It is spiritual food to me.

Thanks for reading, friends. As God leads, I will continue to release some of the other words I have sensed for Raleigh and for North Carolina.

Father, may it be so on earth as it is in heaven.

Linda G. Riddle


2 thoughts on “Raleigh Coming Back to Life

  1. Shirley Carmichael says:

    Your words are always a Blessing. Giving me yet another way to look at things.
    As I sat in a waiting room Tuesday, I listened to the complaining of others. Then one by one, three different ladies sat by me. Each with a story, each trying to cope, and yet each needing a word to either directed or redirect them. And later I pray for one that is just starting to keep coming, and the other that relies on medication for a fix to step into speaking and working through things. Until now I wasn’t sure about the other but it would be to let go of herself and see the need of others. For God draws people near, Thank You.


  2. happilycb says:

    Your word is confirmation of what I’ve been feeling regarding NC and specifically the Triangle and Raleigh-Durham region for the past couple of years. I moved to Wake County about 3.5 years ago through an act of God because NC wasn’t even on my radar. I know God has called me here, as he has so many others, and I see it as a sign that God is setting up our region for the pouring out of His presence. I was recently listening to a podcast looking at Luke 10 when Jesus sent out the 70. Verse 1 caught my attention as it said that Jesus was sending them out to places He Himself was planning to go! God is definitely highlighting our region and I’m so excited to see what He’s going to do! Thank you for sharing – can’t wait to see what else you have!


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