A New Chapter

Today marks exactly two years from the day we loaded up our uhaul trucks and moved from Jacksonville, Florida to the Raleigh area in North Carolina. What a perfect day to share an exciting announcement.

I have taken these first two years to observe, acclimate, and listen. For me, a challenge has been discerning the context of where I’m supposed to be doing what I know I’m called to do.

From the moment we got here I began sensing that my function in serving the Body of Christ was no longer going to be within the four walls of the church as I had known it. Obviously, I still value and believe in the local church and we are very much an active part. But I honestly came here thinking (more like assuming, really) that I would find the culture, ecosystem, and/or environment I felt I was being called to. I would simply immerse myself in it and off we’d go! Yet, I learned something. The purpose for bringing me (us) here wasn’t to attach me to something in the way I was expecting. It was to draw something out of me.

I’ve literally lost count of the number of times I’ve talked to friends, both near and far, and have heard this same exact phrase, “Maybe the reason you haven’t found what you’re looking for is because you’re supposed to start something.” Even perfect strangers who I strike up conversations with have told me the exact same thing. (God is so gracious and patient with me when I need some extra convincing. He just keeps coordinating these divine appointments so I won’t miss it.)

I’ve always said God would have my “yes” and ministering to people will always be a part of me no matter where I go and where I’m positioned. This next step for me is really more about taking what I already operate in and what I know I’m called to do, making it “official” and letting God take it to the next level. With that being said, I’m very happy to announce Linda Riddle Ministries is now “officially” a non-profit organization.

The vision set before me is exciting, expansive and requires a new level of faith, trust, and support I believe God will divinely align. As I move forward, there are three key areas of ministry I will initially be focusing on:

  • The Prophetic – serving the body of Christ prophetically and teaching people how to know the voice of God and how to operate in the revelatory ways of the Holy Spirit.
  • Women – helping women recognize their unique contribution to our world and equipping them to step into their divine purpose from a place of strength and freedom.
  • Discipleship – offering teaching and resources that empower people to walk out the ways of the Kingdom in their everyday lives.

There are also three ways in which I’d like to ask for your support:

    • Pray –  Some of the most encouraging moments of my life have been when I get to see God mobilizing His people on my behalf in prayer. Prophetic words of encouragement and faith-fueled prayers have surrounded me from places I would have never expected. Your prayers cover me, my family, this ministry and the people we are called to reach. Help us release on earth, as it is in heaven, through the strength of your prayers.
    • Give –  I don’t ask from a place of lack, for God is faithful. But I am asking from a place of divine partnership. If what I contribute to the kingdom has blessed your life personally, or if you see the value of what God is calling me to do, I ask for your financial support: GIVE HERE
    • Serve – No matter where you live, you can be a part of what is taking place here. Help me spread the message of this ministry by sharing posts, videos, links, etc. and contribute to the work by lending of your gifts, time and talents. CONTACT ME for more details if you’d like to get involved!

Thank you for celebrating this special day with me and for your consideration in helping support this work. The kingdom of heaven continues to expand in our world and is making huge impact. I’m honored to contribute to that work in my own unique way. To God be all the glory!

Linda G. Riddle