7WeeksOfSeven (Day4)

My heart woke up with an unexpected heaviness today. My dreams, disturbing. This post may seem a little bit random, but I said I would share my 49-day journey with you, and well, this is where I’m at today.

In my dream, I saw daughters, as young as 10, being given in marriage to men. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but that is the summary of the dream. The worse part, it felt like it had become a normal thing. But in the midst, before it actually happened, there was a loud roar, like that of a lion, that came out through the women of God. They stormed out the front door of the house of their past and cried aloud unto God, “Lord, you have been our Guide, our Refuge throughout all generations. Help us!” (In this phrase, I hear echoed the prayer of Moses in Psalm 90.)

It doesn’t require prophetic revelation to see that there is a great unveiling in our world during this season. Even in a time where terms like hiddenness and isolation and quarantine, and cover up are being emphasized, huge rocks are being turned and exposure is beginning to happen. Though I cannot see it all….yet….my gaze has turned upon women and children, specifically. Deep-seated oaths and pledges which have kept the key locked on hidden places – those locks are about to break open. Those oaths are about to be forsaken. And I believe that as this happens, what is going to be revealed will be so…. (I don’t even have the words for it, I’m sorry) but it will cause such awe and dismay, we will find it necessary to hide our faces from it, turn from it, cover our eyes, and look away. Not abdicating our place, or our responsibility. But in a way, almost like when the angels told Lot and his wife to not look back. To not look upon the nakedness of the destruction of evil that was about to take place.

In closing, I ask you – implore you, rather – that if you haven’t yet…find your voice. Find your roar. Go out to an open, isolated field if you must to let it break forth from within you. Be prepared to, Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are unfortunate and defenseless;” (Proverbs 31:8). 

Thanks for reading,
Linda G. Riddle

If you’re interested, these are the passage of scripture I felt the Holy Spirit highlight to me today:
Psalm 90
Proverbs 31
Isaiah 5:18-30
Jeremiah 9:24
Matthew 16:19