Losing Your Wallet in Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of losing your wallet or purse? It’s such a common dream to have.

Our wallets primarily serve to hold our ID, or driver’s license, and our money. Let’s think about that a little more slowly. ID is quick visual of our identity. A driver’s license is that which gives us permission or authority to operate the vehicle that will get us where we’re going. Money in dreams is typically a picture of favor or provision, that which provides the ability to fulfill the vision for our lives.

So when you pull all that together, you can see how our wallets (same goes for purses) can be a key dream element. As with all dreams, the overall context of what the dream is communicating is important in order to understand the use of a wallet or purse. They are very closely connected to the vision and calling on our lives, our identity in Christ, and our ability and authority to keep moving forward in what we’re called to do. If we have a dream where we lose or misplace our wallet, the thing that holds all of those valuable pieces together, that could indicate that we are maybe stepping away from, or forgetting who and what we’re called to do. It could also mean that we are desperately looking for a place where we can fulfill our calling. We’re looking for a place that can hold what’s on the inside of us.

Usually, people who have these dreams already have a sense of what they’re called to do. But the dream is meant to show the dreamer that they haven’t yet found the where and maybe even who they’re called to serve.