Sunglasses in Dreams

Sunglasses are great for protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays. But when we think of them metaphorically as it relates to dreams, they typically don’t appear in a positive sense.

Sunglasses “darken our vision”, you could say. They create a filter through which everything passes and can even sometimes distort the colors and images we see. They also show up in dreams where people are hiding behind them so as to not let others “in” or let them see their eyes. Eyes tell a lot in dreams!

Now of course, if the rest of the dream indicates that the sunglasses are being used as a protective mechanism against something that would be harmful then we need to listen to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to help us interpret the dream properly. I chose to share the above meaning first because that’s typically what I see the most of whenever sunglasses show up. As I’ve mentioned several times before, symbolism in dreams is not so cut and dry all the time. These are not formulas we’re applying, they’re guidelines and meant as exercises that help us train our minds to think metaphorically. Ultimately, always trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit to help discern the overall meaning of the dream.