Windows in Dreams

Windows are indicative of vision, or something being revealed to us. They draw our attention to “see” and they let light in.

Whenever we find ourselves looking through windows in dreams, we are being given a very specific revelation. Oftentimes, the window(s) appear in a house or building we are familiar with. Depending on where the window is, that’ll give us more details as to what this vision is referring to.

For example, if the window(s) we are looking through faces the front of the house, that would be considered a forward-facing window, so we can know the vision is about something that is yet to come. However, if the window(s) look out over the backyard, then that revelation is showing us something that relates to our past.

I’ve also noticed there can be times when windows are used to give us a better idea of where we are in our dream. For example, if we find ourselves in a place we don’t immediately recognize, looking out the window in our dream can give us clues to the type of environment we’re heading to or what we’re going to experience while there. Such as mountains, or the beach, etc.